Letterflix Cancellation and Refund policy

Letterflix is an online letter posting service. Using letterflix you can send a physical letter to anywhere in the world from the comfort of you home.


All letters are printed and packaged by carefully chosen 3rd party partners. Letterflix relies on a number of local and international postal/courier companies, both Government and private entities for the shipment of the letter.

Refund Policy

It takes anywhere between 7 to 20 days for delivery of letters in different parts of the world. The delay usually depends on the shipping location, 3rd party shipping provider, and local holidays.

For international deliveries, we do not offer end-to-end tracking. And we rely on the sender and the recipient to verify the delivery of the letter.

In case of failed deliveries or lost letters, we offer 100% refund within 7 days of confirmation of lost letter/failed delivery.

Cancellation Policy

All the letters sent via Letterflix are printed within 48 hours of ordering. We do not support cancellation after printing and/or shipping. For urgent cancellation, please contact us on Instagram or WhatsApp immediately after sending the letter.

We will process 100% refund on cancelled letters within 7 days from the cancellation.