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You write a letter

You write

Write your letter, enter the receiver’s address, and click send. Your work is done here!

We securely print and package letters

We do the work

Secure printing, packaging, and shipping. It’s almost like magic.

We deliver letters at home

They receive

and jump with joy! Now you annoy them till they reply with a letter :)

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letters are private, permanent, and special

Letterflix is private and simple by design. Your letters are printed by automated printing and packaging system at our Printcenter. So that no one gets access to your words and the nostalgia of paper and envelope remains.

We didn’t reimagine letters, just made it easy for anyone to send letters from wherever they are.

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Online letter posting has never been this easy!

International shipping of letters

International Shipping

Letters go places.

Refund for failed deliveries

Easy Refund

100% refund for failed deliveries.

Privacy of your letters is ensured

Privacy by design

Automated printing and packaging.

Track your letters


Follow your letters at every step.


How does it work?

Signup on (Using Email or Google), enter the content of your letter, recipient’s address, and make payment. As soon as you do that, an automated facility in New Delhi (India) takes care of printing, packaging, and delivering your words to those who matter.

What is is a simple Letter writing and delivery platform. Using, you can draft letters, send them, and the recipients will get a printed letter delivered to their doorstep.

Can anyone else read my letters?

No. No one can read your letters except you and your letter’s recipient.<br>The privacy of your letters is our highest priority. The letter printing, packaging, and delivering is automated and no one gets access to your words (except the receiver’s address).

How much does it cost to send a letter?

₹99 per letter with up to 3000 words via speed-post (4-6 Days).

How much time does a letter take to reach the recipient?

4 to 6 Days - anywhere in India.

How will my Letter look?

Beautiful (in the hands of your recipient). It’ll be a printed A4 size paper, packaged in a white envelope. Simple and elegant. Nothing more than your words.

Why should you send letters at all?

In the summer of 2019, we wrote letters to some of our family members and friends and sent them via post. The reactions we got were priceless, so we thought, everyone should experience this! But there got to be an easy way to mail letters. And we couldn’t find an alternative that is private and convenient for sending personal letters. So we made Letterflix (for you).

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Tiny letters and fresh memes :)

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