Why Send a Letter Online in Your Employee Onboarding Welcome Kit

Why Send a Letter Online in Your Employee Onboarding Welcome Kit

Remote work is getting popular in the world now. Even the age old traditional companies are embracing the change in the working patterns in this tech-first world. Remote work comes with its own challenges too. The communication with team members becomes impersonal and it is hard to bring the sense of comfort and care to the team members. And this communication gap and disconnect is easier to handle with the people who are working with your organization for a long time. But it is stark with people who interviewed remotely, joined your company remotely, and has never met anyone in real life. We believe that for such employees the employee onboarding kit can play a vital role in setting the communication on the right track.

It is time to get personal and less selfish

Let us all accept it, the employee onboarding kit for most companies is a way to send goodies and merchandise with their brand logo on it. And it might have made sense when people were coming to the office daily and it created a brand image for the company as well. But since these new employees might work remotely for most of their life and tenure with your company, it is time to go personal instead of generic. Take out time to create your employee onboarding kit with products and stuff that your employee likes or might need. Do not be in a hurry to paste your company logo on anything or if at all possible, keep it limited to one or two standard things like a coffee mug and a diary.

Send a personalized letter online

You can take this personalized letter as an opportunity to talk about your company, the new employee’s role, and what you expect to achieve together. Write about how life at your company is good and how you prioritise the well-being of your workforce while making sure that the organization is achieving new goals every year. Pitch them the dream and why this company exists. But also make it personal and ask a few questions. Maybe, you can use this chance to ask for a reply to this letter with questions such as, whom would you like to meet from our company, what are your goals, what do you expect to achieve with us, etc.

Writing online letters to create a shared culture in an organization

Leaders and managers in any organizations should ideally do a lot of written communication, be it quarterly reports, monthly goals, or weekly catchup with the team. These written communications are very essential to create a sense of professionalism, urgency, and shared information. This practise is though strictly limited to the activities of the company. But we believe that it can be extended to some personal updates and to informally sharing thought processes. It can be achieved by sending real letters online to the teams covering what’s new in your life, what are you thinking, and probably sharing things that affect your work life. This culture can be developed not only one way, but a steady two way communication where your team members can also take their time and write letters to you.

All in all, sending letters online to your employees and especially those who are working remotely is a great way to create bonding and do more personalized communication in the work from home setup.




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