Why And How To Write a Letter To Yourself

Why And How To Write a Letter To Yourself

Have you ever thought of sending a letter to your future self? This idea sounds interesting, right? There is a friend of ours who writes a letter to her own address every year on 31st December. And she receives it back via snail mail (Indian Postal services) in a few days in the new year. This letter basically contains all the expectations she has from herself in the new year. We believe that it’s a beautiful way to establish a self-reflecting and self-guiding conversation.

All of us have an inner monologue going on, which never stops. This inner monologue is about a lot of things, it’s about our past, present, and future. And it has all the details. But sometimes it helps to write some of it down and give yourself that space to communicate with your thoughts.

In this article, we’d like to cover five key points to keep in mind when you are writing a letter to yourself:

Write to yourself, the way you’d expect others to address you

Oftentimes we crave a certain way of communication from others in our life. We want a certain standard of communication and conversation from others, people who are close to us. But it is unfair and fairly hard to convey this. But when you are writing a letter to yourself you can take this opportunity to converse with yourself the way you expect others to.

Imagine that your future self is mature and you can freely complain to him/her

There are days when we really want to complain about something or many things that are not going right in our life. And we don’t know whom to tell all that to. In this situation, what you can do is write a letter to your future self with the idea that your future self is a mature person. And this mature person is the right person to complain about your life. Because he/she has seen more and is obviously an older version of yourself.

Keep this letter safe to read again after years

The beauty of having written and printed communication is that it stays with you. It stays in your cupboard. And this letter is something that you can take out any day and read. It reminds you that there was a time when life was different, you were worried about a lot of things, and you came outright. It also reminds you that you had many dreams that were huge to you, that you accomplished over the years, and now mean way less to you. An old letter written by you can be a great way to keep a journal of your life with spaced-out but detailed entries.

Write a letter online

Writing a letter online allows you to write and edit it over a period of time. It also ensures that these letters will stay safe on the cloud. Letterflix online letter writing is the simple and perfect tool to write many letters, keep them in the draft, and easily see how many letters you have written. Letterflix online letter writing tool also tells you the number of words that you’ve written so far. Which is a beautiful statistic to have.

A letter helps you keep your thoughts in check

Our thoughts and mindset evolve over time. As we grow older, as we meet new people, and gather new experiences in the basket of our life, we change. And that’s why if you write a letter to yourself, talking about your life, your perspective, and your challenges. It will help you keep your thoughts in check.

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