Unique Personalized Birthday Present, A Letter

Unique Personalized Birthday Present, A Letter

Birthdays are important. Birthdays are fun. And for some, it is the most important day for them in a year. So if you have such friends, a partner, parents, or someone who is close to you. And you are looking for a way to make them happy on their birthday. Then we’ve got an amazing gift idea for you. Since we are letterflix, obviously the suggestion is to send them a heartfelt letter. But instead of telling you that plainly, we’d like to convince you why a letter is the best surprise and a unique birthday present.

Letters are not a commodity

A personalized gift makes people way happier than something that you simply pick from the market and wrap up in gift wrap. A personalized gift that only you can give makes it the sweetest gesture. Letters do not have a price tag on them. Letters don’t come with a user manual or invoice. Letters are simply, letters.

Letters are unique

No one shares this relationship with the person that you do. And no one can write the letter that you can. Which makes a letter THE unique surprise.

It is a gift that they will always keep in their drawer

We are sure that when a person receives a letter. They don’t, by no means, can toss it somewhere randomly. People put them carefully and safely in files and drawers. It is a memory which will stay with them for the rest of their life.

Letters are nostalgic and classic

If you want to write a letter to your parents, teachers, or grandparents, it’ll be nostalgic for them. There were times when they used to send and receive letters very frequently. And if they get a letter from someone after so many years, it’ll surely make them feel young again.

Letters make people feel special

When was the last time you received a letter from someone? Have you ever received a personal letter from someone who is close to you? Imagine how amazing you’ll feel if one day a postman drops by with a letter for you. Such a thing will make you feel very special.

So what are you waiting for? Head onto app.letterflix.com, signup, and start writing a letter to wish the special person on their birthday.




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