Sending Handwritten Letters is Therapeutic, And We Mean It

Here's why A Letter can be the best thing you can send to your parents

Have you ever written leisurely for hours, it could be your personal diary or your thoughts? When was the last time you picked up a pen to write something that was not work-related? In this blog, we are talking about how writing can be therapeutic and it can make you feel at ease. And especially, writing letters to someone or to yourself.

Our brain is magical, apart from all the survival stuff it does, it is also continuously producing thoughts. The brain, it feels, doesn’t stop thinking. It branches out from topic to topic, never settling. Some topics feel good and some we hate to think about. But we never know what leads to good thought and what leads to low thought. This is where you can use “writing” to keep a check on your thoughts.

Write a letter

At Letterflix, we’ve heard from many of our users who sent letters online to their loved ones that writing helped them feel at ease. Making a phone call or a long video call with those same people was a different experience. On a live call, be it video or audio, the conversation ephemerality is less and it vanishes. Even when you’ve discussed something important, the idea stays but not the words. This is where writing a letter can make you feel in control of your communication that affects your thoughts and relations.

Even if you don’t want to send a letter to someone, you can write it down and keep it with you. Or you can write a letter and send it to yourself.

Writing the highlights of your day

This is like maintaining a diary but a diary which only takes 5-10 minutes of your time. Many popular writers have claimed that they keep a diary by their bedside and write for a few minutes the first thing in the morning. You can either write in the morning or before going to bed. The difference is, when you write in the morning, you write down whatever is coming to your head. This shows you what thoughts are most important to you or bothering you, because it is the first thing in the morning you are thinking about.

If you write before going to bed, you’d be recollecting your day and writing down the important moments in the form of bullets or short paragraphs.

Write down your future

This is another interesting writing activity that can make you feel better. Here, you start by writing about the immediate future first. You first write about what you’ll be in the next one hour or in the next 6 hours. Remember, the purpose of writing is not to be correct about anything. It is for you. So if you write about your next few hours, it’d probably be something basic that you do every day. Later one day, you can try writing about your next day, then a week in the future, and then a month, and at some point, you write about what you’ll be a year or two after from now.

The uncertainty of our future is something that bothers most of us. And if you use writing as a tool to get hold of your thoughts and future, it can help you visualize and reduce anxiety. Hence, making you feel at ease.

These are all the reasons we have for encouraging you to write. And especially for writing letters.

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