Read What a Letter Has Sent You in a Letter

Read What a Letter Has Sent You in a Letter

Dear Readers,

I hope you are having a good time on the Internet today. Remember me, I am a letter. And ironically, I am writing a letter.

Chuckles! This is to tell you something. Something that is close to my heart. And I believe it is somewhere in your heart too.

I miss you.

I miss all of you. Your tears, laughs, insecurities, regrets, memories, wrapped in me full of words. Your recipients, every time they held me in their hands, broke into emotions. I didn’t mind all the tears dropping on me or the hands who tore me apart and I absolutely loved the laughs and hugs they gave me at times.

And I’m writing you this to tell you that I miss you. And I’m hoping that you’d miss me too, someday.

Faithfully yours,





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