How to Send Letters Online? A Step by Step Guide

How to Send Letters Online? A Step by Step Guide

Dear Readers,

Today we’ll talk about writing letters in the age of disappearing messages.

As a 22-year-old, who has never been a big fan of texting, just the idea of disappearing messages makes me cringe. But a few months into the disappearing Instagram and WhatsApp stories and Facebook stories and YouTube Stories, and Twitter Fleets, I’ve made peace with it. And I’m finally a little comfortable in using them.

But. And there’s always a but. I’m not convinced that disappearing messages, texts, and video calls are enough to communicate everything we are capable of communicating. So I tried writing a letter.

“Writing a letter in the age of disappearing messages?”, I know it sounds bizarre, overly complex, but also, a hell lot romantic. So, before I talk about my experience. I’d like to talk about how I did it.

You can send a letter in 9 steps:

Step 1: You must find a person you’d like to send a letter to.

Step 2: You need to write a letter. Well, this is kinda obvious.

Step 3: Then you need to get it printed (or not).

Step 4: Put it inside an envelope.

Step 5: Go to your nearest post-office.

Step 6: Write down the receiver’s and the sender’s address.

Step 7: Handover the envelope to them. Carefully. Exchange smile.

Step 8: Don’t inform the receiver that they should expect a letter (just to keep the excitement). But you may tell them in a special case. For example, when there’s a possibility of someone else receiving your letter.

Step 9: Be prepared to receive a long call or text from them. Because I’m pretty sure, letters make people happy.

That was my experience when I wrote a letter for the first time. It felt human. The thought that the receiver will hold that piece of paper in their hands and read and re-read my words. Over and Over. Again and again. That feeling is, you know, pretty.

I feel a higher degree of separation with text messages, video calls are far better, but all these forms of communication cannot deliver the sense of care and importance that a single letter can.

Would you ever like to send a letter to someone? Here’s a very short process.

No need to go through the 9-step-process, use, and just do the Step 1 (find a person to send a letter to), Step 2 (write your letter), and Step 9 (click send).

And in the meantime, manage with texts and occasional disappearing messages.

Yours Truly

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