Asking For DMs? How About Sending Letters (Pen Pals)

Asking For DMs? How About Sending Letters (Pen Pals)

Pens Pals around the world are always on a look for address lists and new pen pals. But this article is not for those who are already Pen Pals. This blog is for those who love meeting and connecting with new people online. We are here to pitch you an interesting way to nurture your friendship with people whom you’ve met online. That is, by making your online friends your pen pals as well.

Pen pals are people who write and send letters to strangers via postal mails. They are all strangers but with the help of snail mail (postal mail), they connect with other people and form a relationship that is solely based on writing letters to each other.

A lot of people also write letters to strangers to show love and uplift each other. This is a cool and beautiful way to make people happy. Something as affordable as writing letters to strangers can make someone’s day.

Do you know lots of people solely via Internet

We know for a fact that social media helps a lot of people connect with new people. Strangers become friends, help each other out, and people form new bonds that were impossible 10 years ago. But still, meeting people in real life has its own importance. That is why, we have alongside Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These days people encourage others to get in touch with them via DMs (Direct messages) for important conversations. People also share emails and phone numbers to communicate better.

Twitter and LinkedIn are also used by people to form professional connections. They get to know more and more people whom they’ll never interact with beyond a digital medium. And the thought of connecting with them beyond digital medium remains unfulfilled.

How about exchanging postal addresses with them

Here comes the idea of pen pals. What if some of your online connections have become really good friends of yours? And it is difficult to meet them in person. What you can do is exchange your postal addresses and try writing letters to each other. At first, your postal letters or snail mails can be about little things that are happening in your life. And you can exchange letters that extend and support the conversations you’ve had online.

Now we know that letters are slow. And not all your conversations can switch to that. Writing letters to them is not to replace your ongoing online conversation, but it is to extend that conversation. And have something to yourself that you can read later, again.

Your relation can become deeper by exchanging letters

Sending a “Hey, how are you?” takes a few seconds. You can probably send “Hi” to hundreds of your contacts in a day. But for writing a letter, you need deeper thinking and attention. Which is beyond the fleeting conversations that happen in chatting apps. It allows you to take out an hour and think about your relationship with this person. Think about what you’d like to tell them. And think about how they’d perceive your letter. It takes your relationship to another level.

We’d recommend that you try and make a pen pal. If not that, try to write a letter to your friend. And no need to go through the hassle of the post office. Go to and send letters online.




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