Here’s why A Letter can be the best thing you can send to your parents

We are living in times when we have unintentionally lost touch with our parents. When we are with them, we don’t know how to express our feelings. It’s also the same when we are far away from the home. And sending a letter to them can be the perfect way for you to tell them things you never told them in person. Here are 5 reasons why sending a letter to your parents can be the best thing you can do for them.

Sending a Letter is a thoughtful gesture, it’ll make them very happy

Among many things we want, one is that our parents should always be happy. Nothing should bother them and we as their kid we always try to do things that can make them feel happy. So if you a letter for them, you can’t imagine how much they will be happy when on receiving a letter from you. This is one of the easiest ways to be very close to them happy while sitting far away from them.

Letters are permanent and your parents will always keep them in their possession

Messages, Emails, Calls, it all fades away. But things that are permanent on a paper will always remain with them. There’s a subtle sense of calmness and joy when people keep special letters in a drawer to read them years later. Surely they will keep your letter at the safest place in home.

It’ll be nostalgic for them and will bring back a lot of memories

Everyone knows how much our parents miss their own childhood, their youth, and the memories of growing up when there was no Internet, mobile phones, and instant way to connect with their friends and family. On receiving your letter, they will remember how in the older days they used to send letters and now their children are trying the same thing for them.

It’ll show them how much you care about your relationship with them

There’s are feelings that need written words and something speaking them out is too hard to do. And all such things can be written down in a letter 🙂

A letter from you will convey your feelings and convey how important your relationship is with them.

Letters are not expensive and arguably among the sweetest way to send a special message

Using Letterflix, you can send letters anywhere at just Rs. 99 (India) and at $2.99 in the USA. The prices remain in that range anywhere in the world and it works even if your parents are in a different country. We’ve made Letterflix such that no part of the world is left untouched when someone sends a letter via Letterflix. So you need not bother about the expense. At very low expense you can send your letter anywhere in the world.

Bonus: Letterflix is the most secure and private way to send letters online.

We understand the value of privacy. That’s why we’ve designed our printcenter and the platform in such a way that no one can get access to your letters except the recipient.

Once you send a letter to your parents, in all excitement you can start the wait for their response!




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